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Anthony "Tony" Catelli, President/CEO

It was in 1946 that Anthony P. Catelli, Sr. started his veal and lamb wholesale business in Pennsylvania. His sons, Tony and Jim, carried on the tradition when they launched Catelli Brothers in 1981. Along with custom cuts, blends, and packaging for both Food Service and Retail customers, Catelli Brothers focuses on all natural products. They offer USDA choice milk-fed veal, grain-fed veal, bobby veal, USDA choice fresh American lamb, and imported Australian and New Zealand lamb.

In 2010, Catelli Brothers merged with Delimax USA, a top operator of veal farms, and NRV, a leading feed company, to create the Fontelli Food Group. This group is now the largest producer of veal and lamb products in North America.

Catelli Brothers

Tony Catelli attended Aspen Systems’ Executive Conference.  He was surprised and impressed with how much Canopy had evolved. Tony was so impressed by the advancement that he hired someone to specifically learn all that Canopy has to offer and all the ways it could improve his business. He also arranged for training sessions at his facility to make certain the staff was fully utilizing the features available in the software. They have been truly diligent and dedicated to maximizing the software to the best of its ability. Catelli Brothers has always set themselves apart from the competition with their commitment, investment, initiatives and organizational implementation, and this has been no different.

While at their plant, I saw a new example of commitment from the top. The first thing that struck me during my tour of the facility was the commitment to cleanliness. This place literally sparkles. It looks nice, it smells nice, and you routinely see the actual procedures in action that are keeping it that way. Every individual is devoted to doing the highest quality job from the beginning to protect the consumer. The employees are frequently trained in food safety throughout the course of their employment.

It was during the tour that I could find the far-reaches of technology, whether it was a Canopy-based weighing and labeling station or a monstrous piece of hardware conceived by Catelli and custom built to better produce tenderized cuts. It’s out there on the floor that you truly see their own innovation and how that goes hand-in-hand with Aspen’s technology.
This innovation, coupled with their commitment to excellence and devotion to learning Canopy, is a corporate philosophy as well. This can be witnessed in their recent investment in Event Watch, which allows them to automate detailed notification of any orders that are shorted. Aspen Views provide the nature of the shortages, including the product code, quantity ordered, quantity filled, Catelli Brothersand current availability. These notifications are emailed to sales and the owner so they can properly handle the situation.

The current development of a single, real-time Inventory Monitor is another example of their commitment to exceptional advancement. Conceived by Catelli Brothers’ leaders, this monitor will allow them to quickly access information by species and style of cuts. It will provide them with a current “order versus inventory” status. The plant supervisors will be guided on inventory replacement levels, with the monitor providing them with exact quantities of each tagged item that should be stocked in inventory. This soon-to-be-installed tool will be a valuable asset for their sales and production teams as it will streamline inventory data and have everything they need at their fingertips in seconds.

Individually, each employee at Catelli Brothers is committed to meeting the detailed demands of SQF, including the required documentation, training, validation, and intense verification.  This commitment to their customers and their consumers is evident everywhere you venture on the property. It can be found via the fact that every individual has a documented set of procedures to follow for each task they do. It’s evident in the training of those individuals on their own processes and the quality management system itself. It shows in their spirit and in their confidence. Its reach is 360 degrees.

Every staff member has worked very hard to reach the milestones they already have, and the commitment and investment from the top virtually guarantees its success. Because of the things they do, from the diversity of species and products they produce to boning-out fresh and then freezing, this is a great accomplishment.

It was already exciting to walk into an operation that has been a longstanding Aspen partner. But in walking out, I found myself excited for them, and all that they’ve done and all that they will accomplish for themselves, their customers, and their consumers. A tagline that Catelli Brothers uses is, “A Tradition of Quality Veal & Lamb Products”. We are proud to think of Catelli Brothers as an Aspen tradition as well.

- Tim Mabley, Director of Operations

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