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Dr. Joe Jurgielewicz, CEO

Aspen Systems has a customer base that covers a large spectrum of the food industry. We have companies that offer an incredibly wide variety of products, while others serve a very important and unique niche. One of these specialized customers is Joe Jurgielewicz & Son, Ltd.

Joe Jurgielewicz is a fully integrated duck farming operation overseeing all aspects of duck processing, including breeding, incubation, hatching, and the grow-out. At the helm of the company is CEO Joe Jurgielewicz, fondly referred to by many as “Dr. Joe,” a veterinarian from Cornell University. They have been in business for over 20 years and provide some of the highest quality Pekin ducks for the Asian and US markets. According to the History Channel, “If you’re munching on duck in an Asian restaurant on the east coast, there is a seventy five percent chance that it began life here [at Joe Jurgielewicz’s duck farm].” Their main plant is located in Pennsylvania, but they have over 20 local contract farms they work with to be able to distribute to major markets and have their products sold nationwide. They are a great example of a quality family owned and operated business in the U.S. today.

Between their main plant and contract farms, they are able to supply a wide variety of markets. Large food retailers use their Whole Grade A duck, while Asian markets use the Buddhist Duckling. Other markets use some of the processed items, like duck breasts, legs, or even duck sausages. No part of the duck is left unused; even the feathers are sold to clothing manufacturers for use in down coats and bedding.

Joe Jurgielewicz

Like many companies, Joe Jurgielewicz outgrew their information system. They had multiple generic software systems pieced together, but this did not give them the real time insight they needed to monitor inventory, daily production, and sales. The lag time of recording finished production inventory was creating a daily problem with fulfilling sales orders. The need to control all aspects of inventory with one system led them to Aspen.

Duck Production is different from many other food products because the duck becomes a specific product based not only on the type of duck, but also the weight range. Canopy, with its integrated scaling and labeling, fit the need perfectly. The Stand-Alone scaling software had features built into it for this exact purpose. Using product/weight groups to assign the correct product number to each duck based on its type and weight at the time of labeling was key. All scaling stations now update inventory to the main inventory system in real time. This resulted in production inventory becoming visible, not only for sales, but for the entire company.

Gaining control of production inventory was important, but they also wanted to improve control of finished goods inventory located in multiple warehouses. Canopy provides them with information regarding what inventory is available for sale compared to what has been committed to a sales order. Canopy’s barcode scanning module also allows for tracking at the case level, which reduces mistakes in the shipping department. Now warehouse inventory is simply tracked by the case ID and pallet ID and transfers can be done by scanning the pallet ID. The result is a strong inventory system and traceability of product.

With Canopy’s fully integrated features in place, Joe Jurgielewicz is now able to focus on continued growth. This will include managing everything from the egg placement to flock size. They have complete control over the health and entire life of the ducks they raise. For this distinctive customer, this is key to maximizing their grow-out to supply their large customer base with high quality duck. Aspen Systems understands the resulting benefits that come from having a specialized product available for a wide variety of customers. We look forward to continuing to partner with Dr. Joe and are excited to see his company’s continued growth.

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