Spice Company takes advantage of integrated Canopy ERP to streamline production

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Elias Pflaster, Vice President and Corporate Counsel
Susan Perez, Director of Sales and Marketing

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can provide a variety of benefits to a business, such as better communication between departments, improved processes, shorter cycle times, and tighter control by providing relevant and immediate information. With accurate information, management can better manage and forecast the flow of inventory, sales, and purchasing over the supply chain. Tight inventory control is essential in today’s business environment.

Pacific Spice Company partnered with Aspen Systems and installed the Canopy Core and Production ERP. Pacific Spice originated in 1966 as a family owned, full service spice and herb company. Today they are still family owned, and operate a 150,000 square foot facility in Southern California. They serve the entire United States and their customers include food manufacturers, food service, and retailers. They offer an extensive line of conventional and organic spices, herbs, seasonings, and dehydrated vegetables. To meet the demand of their customers, products are packaged in various ways, including bulk pack, consumer jar pack, institutional pack, and custom packing. Private labeling services are also available to their customers. Pacific Spice utilizes its own in-house quality control department, as well as outside testing facilities. Their quality control programs include HACCP and GMP programs, traceability, allergen programs, environmental audits, third party audits, certificate of analysis, and kosher and organic certificates.

Elias Pflaster, Vice President and Corporate Counsel at Pacific Spice Company, states, “The Canopy ERP software has streamlined our order entry, manufacturing, shipping, traceability, and inventory processes. Canopy helps us manage over 4,800 products and 3,600 production formulas. We now better track our exact costs to manufacture each product. All inventory items are controlled by lot numbers with ease of traceability being a key component in Canopy. Lot numbers are assigned and recorded in Canopy whenever inventory is received, used in production, adjusted, transferred to and from a public warehouse, completed in production, and shipped to the customer.” Elias was impressed with a customized key feature in Canopy that allows a Production Entry to automatically be created. If a product is entered into an order and there is not enough inventory in stock, Canopy’s Order Entry module will automatically create a Production Entry in its Production module to manufacture the product. The Production Entry will contain all of the raw ingredients, packaging products, labor, and overhead costs needed to produce and cost the finished product. When a finished product is manufactured, all inventory is automatically adjusted and updated, a lot number is assigned to the finished product, the shipping quantities are automatically filled into the order, the shipping documents are printed, and the order is shipped to the customer. Elias states, “Having an integrated ERP system has greatly improved our internal processes and we now have accurate and tight inventory control of raw materials, packaging, and finished products. We are in a much stronger position to serve our customers today than we were before we implemented Canopy.” They are in this position because they have taken full advantage of the tools inherent in the software.

Susan Perez, the Director of Sales & Marketing, states that their previous system “was not an ERP system so we had separate systems for our financial and inventory processes. Tracking our inventory was a much more time consuming and arduous task when an order was placed in the old system. The lack of specificity and timeliness of our previous computer system made filling orders and maintaining inventory levels more difficult than it needed to be. After the integrated Canopy ERP modules were installed, these issues went away.” Susan also likes that Canopy has extensive reporting and a built in report writer, Aspen View, that is simple to use. “Aspen View makes it easy to extract data out of Canopy when we need to use the data in another application. Canopy is the last software system we will need to implement.” The consolidation of processes and having access to reliable and consistent information has had a significant impact on business.

Canopy has allowed Pacific Spice Company to improve their internal processes, have better and faster traceability of their inventory, grow their business, and have complete inventory control of their raw material, packaging, and finished products. Tight Inventory control is the spice of business and companies like Pacific Spice Company make great partners with Aspen Systems.

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