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Empire Kosher
Todd Enders, IT Director

Nestled in the beauty of Pennsylvania is Empire Kosher Poultry, the largest kosher poultry processor in the United States. While supporting kosher customers across the U.S. with careful scrutiny and strict regimens, their greatest markets exist in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, and Illinois. Products range from tray packs such as breasts, drumsticks, or whole cut-up chicken, to frozen product and even fully cooked offerings.

Empire Kosher Poultry is a very self-supporting Canopy customer under the technology leadership of their Information Technology Director, Todd Enders. They do their own  upgrades and rely on Canopy release notes to disseminate software changes into their organization. They have a library of over 400 Aspen View Reports they have written themselves and they have a deep understanding of Canopy and how modules and data inter-relate.

Empire Kosher Poultry has truly discovered Canopy, taking its already-agile features and supporting very specific operations, like a hatchery and a feed mill. Not only are Canopy, Aspen View, and the Report Scheduler all working together to ensure things are not falling through the cracks, but these products, in conjunction with Canopy’s Production module, support needs which are very specific to Empire Kosher Poultry. ekp todd enders

For instance, hatch rate is a critical and necessary business indicator. A poor hatch rate can expose problems in the age of a flock, the flock’s temperature environment, or how they’re fed. Likewise, they analyze each production entry to see if the size of a flock has decreased or increased and track how many eggs have accumulated over the life of that flock to know that a flock has reached its pinnacle for output. Each chick is used as a material in a production entry, and “finished birds” and WIP birds become finished product, all with traceable costs along the way. Taking advantage of User Definable Fields on the first production register for a particular flock allows Empire Kosher Poultry to define and track the flock throughout its life.

Another unique implementation is Empire Kosher’s use of Aspen Views to monitor circulars. Circulars are parts of a bin of product or material in a finished product which are sometimes not fully used in a production run and end up circling back to the beginning of a new production entry. The ability to completely and accurately follow these situations through their full utilization is not only crucial to multiple product’s costs, but to ensure effective recall procedures as well. By using Canopy’s Production module, Empire Kosher Poultry is able to achieve their goal of being able to track any lot back to the original egg.

Empire Kosher Poultry has truly come to recognize, understand, and exercise the power of the Canopy Core in conjunction with the enhanced modules.


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