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Ingomar Packing Company

Ingomar Packing is the world’s fifth largest tomato processor and the second largest in California. Grower owned and located in Los Banos, California, Ingomar Packing has been providing industrial tomato products produced to customer specifications to both nationally and internationally recognized companies since 1983. In 2000, a second plant was added to the operations. The new plant has since gone through a major expansion and currently, during the harvest season of about 100 days a year, Ingomar Packing produces approximately 250,000 tons of tomato products using a very intricate process.

Ingomar Packing prides themselves in their efforts towards sustainability. Eighty-five percent of their growers have converted to sub-surface drip irrigation systems, which conserves water and soil. Fertilizer is applied directly to the root system using the sub-surface drip irrigation system, reducing the amount of fertilizer in the groundwater. In 2010, Ingomar installed 6,408 solar panels in an adjacent field that generate 2.1 million KW dsc_9259.jpg hours annually. This use of solar energy is estimated to reduce the emission of approximately 38,000 tons of dangerous pollutants over a 25 year period. Ingomar Packing recycles everything from packaging and metals to excess parts of the tomato. Each season they have recycled and conserved 33 million gallons of evaporative and rinse water using natural filtration. They ensure all parts of the tomato are utilized; stems, peels, and vine are used for compost and the pomace (tomato peels and seeds) is used in the production of animal feed.

Aspen Systems is honored to have such a progressive and environmentally conscious company like Ingomar Packing as a customer.  Ingomar made the move to Canopy and has integrated many of their processes into Canopy, in particular, the addition of the Tomato Production Module and Field System. These modules track the tomatoes from the fields to the customer, record the quality of the tomatoes and the finished products, track their contracts with Customers and Growers, integrate with their Grade Stations, Dump Stations and Evaporators, provide state required reporting and more. Many Aspen employees have made a visit to Ingomar Packing during the tomato season to see the processing dsc 9283 plants in action.  Ingomar feels that these visits give Aspen a greater insight into their operations so that we can be a better partner in helping Ingomar utilize Canopy to its fullest potential. Every employee that has made the trip agrees that the experience has been extremely valuable. Every year at the end of the season, the employees at Ingomar put together a list of ways that they can improve their operations for the next season. Aspen then works together with Ingomar to find and deliver a solution before the next season begins.

Ingomar implemented the Pulse, Document Imaging and Event Watch modules into their operations. In their control rooms that monitor the operations of the plants, you will find large screens that utilize the graphical imagery of Pulse to track the quality of the tomatoes coming in from the fields as well as the efficiency of the plant, such as the number of loads of tomatoes put into production during the last two, four and six hours. When a load is left sitting in the yard too long before being processed or if it has too many green tomatoes, an email or a text is sent via Event Watch to key employees at Ingomar, which prompts them to take action so that the yield of the operation or the quality of the finished products are not compromised. Ingomar plans on taking Document Imaging to the next level to help alleviate the overwhelming amount of papers that are stored. In many cases, there are several copies of the same documents being stored in different offices or buildings. With the use of Document Imaging, the paperwork will be at the fingertip of any employee that needs access to it without leaving their desk.


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