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Tarantino Wholesale Food Distributors 
Pete Tarantino, Sr., President 

Family owned businesses account for 90% of all businesses in North America. Family Businesses generate over 50% of the United States Gross National Product (GNP), and make up almost 60% of the total employment. This includes Aspen Systems, a family business that was started by George Puype and his daughter Lisa Lawrence, and later joined by both Lisa’s daughters, Andrea Aberle and Michelle Lawrence. In addition to being a family owned business, there are other families that have found a home at Aspen. We have brothers and sisters, in-laws, and parents and their children all working together. Even the individuals who are not related to each other are still considered family. Many of our customers can relate as they are also family owned and operated businesses.
One such customer is Tarantino Wholesale Food Distributors in San Diego, CA. Started in 1960 by Pete Tarantino, Sr., they have remained family owned and operated for over 56 years. Current owner, Pete Tarantino Jr., works alongside his brother Mark, sister Bernadette, son Peter, daughters Teresa and Cristina, brother-in-law Mike, sons-in-law James and Benedict, nephew Marcos, and cousins Cosimo and Mike. Tarantino family.jpgTarantino’s started as a meat jobber and morphed into a wholesale food distribution company, servicing restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, and other distributors. From there they evolved into a USDA inspected and certified organic processing plant. Tarantino’s manufactures and distributes over 1,500 products, including fresh, frozen, dry goods, organic, antibiotic free and non-organic protein items, spices, and garlic products. They sell to retailers, big box stores, manufacturers, and food service distributors. Tarantino’s has a full cooking and co-packing operation and o?ers distribution and logistics services nationwide for other companies. They are affiliated with the following brands: Tarantino Gourmet Sausages (the official hot dog and sausage of professional baseball team the San Diego Padres), Family Ranch Organics, Garlic King, and San Diego Spice Company.

In May of 2015, they moved into a brand new, 75,000 square foot facility to accommodate their growth. They have never shied away from taking on new projects or developing new items for themselves or other companies looking to get a start in business. Over the years, Tarantino’s has segued many family startup businesses into successful corporations, some of which are now affiliated with Fortune 500 companies. Tarantino’s utilizes the Canopy® Core and Production modules. Pete really likes the fact that the Inventory Control and Production modules keep inventory in two units of measure at the same time, and is very accurate for both catch weight and standard weight products. Pete also uses the extensive sales analysis reporting, including the Customer Rank, Product Rank, and Customer Product Rank reports. These reports tell Pete who his most profitable customers and products are, and which are the most and least profitable products sold to each customer. The Production module allows Tarantino’s to manage the raw material and finished product inventory for hundreds of formulas and recipes for spice, garlic, and sausage products. Tarantino’s has never owned ERP software from any company other than Aspen Systems. Pete states, “George Puype sold us our first system and we have been with the Aspen family ever since. In the past 29 years, we have never experienced a system failure and have confidence that we never will. We feel Aspen Systems believes in the same core family values that Tarantino’s does. Both companies understand the importance of service and strive to create exceptional value.” Pete talks with many people in business. If they tell him that they do not have issues, he believes that they have never run or operated a business. Pete states “Every business has issues. What counts is how these issues are handled by your service company partners, and Aspen Systems handles our issues very well.”

Aspen Systems continues to develop and enhance the Canopy® suite of software modules designed for the food industry. This allows family businesses such as Tarantino Wholesale Food Distributors to grow as a company, evolve with industry demands, and stay current with innovation and technology. Most importantly, Aspen Systems understands that our client’s needs are the forefront of our priorities. This concept is important to any family business.

Tarantino’s is thankful for its partnership with Aspen Systems, a feeling which we reciprocate. Family business runs deeper than just within the company; we consider our customers to be part of the Aspen Family. Aspen looks forward to many more years together in partnership with Tarantino’s and our other Canopy®-powered businesses.

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