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Stan Bobak, President & CEO

Bobak’s was planning an upgrade of its computer systems and we were looking for a business relationship with a software developer. The result was an informal partnership agreement between Bobak’s and Aspen Systems. The relationship allowed Bobak’s to provide innovative ideas for managing production and warehousing facilities that would be designed, implemented and supported by Aspen’s development team. Bobak’s provided the test facilities for the new software products. These new products would be centered on Radio Frequency Data Capture, Stand Alone Scaling and Warehouse Management and would be fully integrated into the Core Canopy Modules. Some of these innovations include:

  • Aspen’s Windows Standalone Scaling was modified to allow the user to define the customer/product specific data to be printed on a label. This allowed Bobak’s to print exactly what each of its customers desired to have printed on the product label. This could be a different product description, UPC code, or use by, sell by, freeze by date individualized to meet customer specifications. This provided the flexibility to record product manufacturing details for each product regardless of who it is sold to. Another modification was adding the Polish language to Standalone Scaling that had previously been bi-lingual in English and Spanish.
  • Added improvements in the management of packs included the ability to reprint labels without affecting totals per-case, cases could be closed out with less than standard quantities, and case count could be ignored if needed. A feature was added to easily override the packs per case and the weight of each pack could be pre-set with pack labels printing on-demand for fixed weight items.
  • The use of Radio Frequency handheld scanners greatly increased Bobak’s ability to process inventory. The design of the menu system on the handheld is ideal for warehouse personnel; it provides the ability to quickly add a UPC code to a product simply by scanning the UPC code and associating it with a new product. Vendor’s UPC codes can be used to receive and ship product in a paperless environment.

Bobak’s efficiency was further enhanced by having the scanning system prevent warehouse shippers from substituting one product for another based on individual customer requirements. Some customers allow the substitution of one product if the requested item is out of stock; however other customers will only accept the specific product ordered. By having the customer or product flagged as, “no substitutes” our warehouse shippers will not ship product that is unacceptable to our customers.

The flexibility of the Scanning system allows warehouse staff to be accurate and maintain proper controls. Inventory can be tracked whether it is lotted, non-lotted, a single case, a complete pallet, or a complete truckload, using variable weight or standard units of measures. Inventory is date driven and kept track of with the handheld scanners using slot locations to inform the warehouse workers regarding the location of the oldest product.

Utilizing these innovative features, we have been able to grow our business. Because of our partnership with Aspen Systems, we can manage our growth with on-time accurate information.

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