Specialty Meats Processor / Distributor grows business and profits with Canopy.


logo_broadleaf.jpg Broadleaf is a progressive company and we are always challenging ourselves and our business partners to raise the bar with regard to expectation, execution, and efficiencies. As the company grew, we came to the realization that our current software systems were placing limitations and restrictions on our forward planning and expansion of operations; it was time to identify an IT platform that better aligned with our growing business and the demands of the Food Industry.

While we sought and evaluated many different IT offerings and services, we decided to partner with Aspen Canopy. The driving factor for the decision was that Canopy took the existing multiple operating systems and brought those under the same umbrella, and at the same time, provided a robust level of support and guidance to improve the measurement and reporting applications. Our team members found Canopy to be user friendly, and after personalized training, everyone caught on quickly. Since the launch of Canopy, we have not looked back. Today, we continue to grow our business and financial vitals at higher levels. Broadleaf is proud to have Aspen solutions integrated into our business as we navigate future endeavors and opportunities.

Mark Mitchell, President


Aspen Systems develops enterprise software solutions for food processors and distributors.

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