Meat Processor meeting the changing needs and demands of the Food Industry with Aspen.

logo_firstclassfoods.jpg Every important part of FirstClass Foods’ success and achievements are due in part to the extraordinary efforts of the Aspen Systems’ organization that contribute their time, expertise and personal resources to our industry. We believe that the best way to achieve our goals is to align our business strategically with a partnership that will enhance our business.

Aspen’s approach to business is to evaluate and respond thoughtfully to the increasingly changing needs and demands in the Food Industry’s information systems.  They have continuously strived to exceed expectations regarding the manner in which they conduct their business. Aspen provides us with: technology access, training, a variety of support options to help our business, continuous assistance on product hardware, technical assistance and upgrades.

At FirstClass Foods we are always working to improve our relationship with customers and partners and to use their feedback to guide us in improving our product, services and business processes. This requires us not only to listen and hear but also to respond and take action as part of our ongoing dialogue with customers and partners. Aspen is a leader in the Total Solution to the Food Industry needs and their dedication to improvement is critical to our success. We proudly stand behind their product, support and systems.

Salomon Benzimra, President


Aspen Systems develops enterprise software solutions for food processors and distributors.

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