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Scott Carey, CFO

Growth is vital in any business for long-term survival. A non-growing business is easily toppled by the slightest change and failure can occur. Smaller businesses that are non-growing can operate on the bubble and generate only enough revenue to pay the bills and have just enough profit to justify keeping the business open. If a business fails to grow, it can be like a house of cards, easily knocked down by the slightest change.

BK Specialty Foods, a gourmet specialty food distributor in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area, has had significant growth since implementing the Canopy suite of software modules. They distribute a large assortment of food items, including desserts, gourmet cakes, gourmet appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, fresh juice products, meat, seafood, dairy, beverages, ethnic items, and imported and domestic cheeses. In September 2013, they moved to a larger state-of the-art facility in Swedesboro, New Jersey as a result of their growth. The new facility embraces technology. It has a fully refrigerated shipping and receiving dock with 10 bay doors and multiple temperature zones with the latest energy-efficient central industrial refrigeration system. Products are stored within the temperature zone that best suits the manufacturers’ specifications. This ensures freshness and proper shelf life. Products enter and leave their facility while maintaining a cold, constant temperature until they reach their customers’ doors.

bk scott carey Scott Carey, the CFO at BK Specialty Foods, credits the Canopy suite of software modules with providing the information they needed to create and sustain their growth. Management can make decisions much more quickly and accurately than they ever could with their prior software package. Not one, but many Canopy modules were instrumental in fueling the company’s growth and flow of information.

Canopy’s Data Capture module was installed right after going live with the Canopy Core modules. Significant improvement in the speed and accuracy of receiving and shipping orders was immediately realized and accelerated the growth process. Because the Data Capture module alerts warehouse personnel when they are receiving inventory if the receiving quantity is different from the order quantity listed on the purchase order , numerous vendor errors are caught. Receipts to stock immediately posts to inventory directly from a wireless scanner and eliminates an extra step of keying data into the system. As a result, they have cut down on labor hours and have given the sales staff more timely and accurate inventory data. Orders are now picked and shipped faster with a higher fulfillment rate, resulting in happier customers and increased revenue and growth for the company.

Canopy’s Document Imaging module was added and had an immediate impact on the business by streamlining the document management process and reducing labor costs. Customer and vendor invoices are now scanned and stored electronically. An invoice can be recalled instantly while talking on the phone with a customer or vendor by simply right clicking a Canopy transaction. If a dispute exists, the document can be emailed or faxed directly to the customer or vendor by clicking a single button. The Document Imaging module saves time and allows the employees to do other tasks. This allows the company to grow even more.

bk truckCanopy’s dashboard module Pulse and event notification module Event Watch were installed. These modules allow managers to look at the business in a proactive rather than reactive manner, and without having to run report after report to analyze the daily activity and look for problems. Pulse allows the Operations Manager to keep a thumb on overloaded routes for the next day’s customer deliveries by reviewing a bar chart running on his work station. The bar chart updates itself automatically every few  minutes. Event Watch provides up to the minute monitoring of orders on hold, short inventory, and purchase orders that are past their delivery time. Scott indicates that the emails sent by Event Watch to their Buyers are annoying little reminders that cannot be ignored. The reminders might indicate that the last muffin was just sold and no open purchase orders exist, or that a purchase order which was supposed to be received at 7:00 a.m. did not arrive and is now an hour late. Pulse and Event Watch created growth by allowing management to make better and timelier business decisions.

It is important for a business to keep looking for ways to grow and to keep growing. If it does not, it risks giving its competitors the room to grow and to take market share, which could seriously weaken its position. The Canopy suite of software modules for the food industry has been instrumental in allowing BK Specialty Foods to grow, and Aspen Systems will be a partner with BK Specialty Foods as they continue to grow in the future.


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