Foodservice Distributor credits Canopy for company growth with timely, accurate information



Newport Farms, Inc.
Ryan Wunsch, Vice President

Newport Farms, a Full-Line Unipro Foodservice Distributor in Southern California, is a family owned and operated company spanning four generations. They serve California healthcare facilities, schools, and other foodservice operations. Newport Farms provides fresh-from-the-farm produce, dairy products, frozen meats, beverages, fresh and frozen bakery items, and canned and dry foods. In addition, they supply kitchen equipment, disposables, and janitorial products. Newport Farms services a 7 county area containing 21 million people, over half the population of California.

Ryan Wunsch, the Vice President of Newport Farms, credits Canopy with providing him timely, accurate ryan-wunsch.jpg information that has allowed the organization to triple in size. When they moved into their existing building, they never thought they would utilize the whole building. Now they are almost at capacity and are currently planning for expansion.

Ryan uses 10 Pulse dashboards on his desktop to monitor up to the minute key metrics of the business. At a glance, Ryan can tell if his sales are up or down for the day, if a route is overfilled, which products are currently in short supply, which products are overstocked, whether any purchase orders did not arrive by the promised delivery time, whether any salesperson has not made their quota for the week or month, the current fill rates for each Buyer, etc. One thing Ryan did not count on when he implemented Pulse was the excitement from his warehouse managers and employees. They are now able to see in a gauge on their monitors the amount of sales and number of cases of product that are inbound and outbound for the next day and week. This has improved the scheduling of warehouse employees resulting in a reduction in company expenses.

Ryan likes Canopy’s eCommerce module because self-service benefits both Newport Farms and its customers. In the past couple of years, Newport Farms has had numerous customers ask to enter their own orders over the Internet. Some of these companies did not even have computers a few years ago. Now Newport Farms has over one hundred customers ordering online. This allows Newport Farms’ customer service representatives to focus more on servicing customers and potential customers with marketing related calls.

Canopy’s Data Capture module has changed the way Newport Farms’ warehouse operates. Accuracy is much higher on filling customer orders and receiving purchase orders. If a discrepancy occurs with a purchase order , the receiving manifest can be e-mailed to the vendor with the weights and quantities that were received. Ryan states that this usually ends the conversation with the vendor. He has seen instances where a vendor has shipped the same product to two distributors, with each distributor getting the other distributor’s order. It would be difficult to find and prove this kind of mistake without the Data Capture module.

Ryan states that Aspen Systems has been a wonderful partner to Newport Farms’ business. “When I call because of an issue, I always get help in a timely manner. When I have questions on how to do something in Canopy, I get an answer quickly. When information is needed to run your business, the last thing you want is a slow response. What you need is timely, accurate information, and Aspen Systems has always understood and provided that.” Aspen Systems has a great appreciation for customers like Newport Farms because they push the envelope of technology, finding creative ways to utilize the Canopy software modules in their operations.

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