Scales & Labeling

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Traceability and Inventory Management

A critical element of controlling inventory occurs at the weigh/labeling scale station. Canopy offers a variety of scale station devices and controllers to manage weighing and recording inventory, printing labels, updating inventory, weighing and consuming raw materials, and filling orders and production entries.

Canopy’s scale stations offer rugged industrial designs that operate directly on the production floor and can withstand daily wash-downs. The scale stations can be used with various configurations, including automatic weighing and label applications, fixed mount, keyboard wedge, blue tooth scanners, and manual input from a keyboard or virtual keyboard on the touch screen. Communication with the host server can occur with wired or wireless connectivity.

All scale stations offer multi-languages and the ability for unlimited label formats. Print package, box and pallet labels. Track “give-away” on fixed weight products. Create lot, serial and batch numbers used in product traceability. Override tare weights when needed, and automatically assign boxes to a pallet ID. Security on the scale station can be defined for each scale operator.


  • Best practice barcode labeling including GS1-128, EAN, UPC, QR, and RFID
  • Unlimited label formats
  • Controls both static and in-motion scales
  • Print package, box and pallet labels
  • Create lot, serial, and batch numbers for traceability
  • Automatically records operator, date, and time stamps for all inventory made
  • Wired or wireless communication to the host server
  • Use all major brand of barcode printer
  • Re-print any label or easily void misprinted labels
  • Assign boxes to a pallet automatically
  • Setup security by scale operator
  • Wash-down industrial configurations are available

Optional Modules

Scales & Labeling

Scales & Labeling
Scales & Labeling


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