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Formulation-based Management for Producers, Manufacturers and Further Processors

Production’s Formula Maintenance program allows unlimited formulas and recipes to be created. Assembly and dis-assembly formulas can be set up by the user. On each formula you can indicate an unlimited number of raw materials, packaging, labor codes, overhead expense codes, yield points, sub-formulas, packaging formulas, finished products, and by-products. Yields and costs of finished products are automatically calculated during the production process and are compared to standards. Use yield points to record critical weight points during the production process such as trimming, cooking, or pumping. By-products, such as trim or fat are assigned a market cost and will credit the total cost of each formula automatically.

The Production module tracks lots, serial numbers and batch numbers throughout the production process and offers full lot recall of raw materials, packaging products, and finished goods. Project the inventory levels of finished products automatically for material planning to show how much inventory for raw material and packaging products are needed. Production Scheduling can help manage the load on individual production lines.  Print production history, raw material usage, packaging, labor, overhead costs, and yields by time frame as far back as you keep history.


  • Setup an unlimited number of formulas / recipes
  • Include ingredients, packaging, labor, overhead, sub-formulas, packaging formulas, finished products, and by-products
  • Nest or Link formulas together
  • Print production sheets, cost sheets, labels
  • Manually generate production entries based on demand
  • Automatically generate production entries based on orders
  • Production Scheduling to manage future production by batches, weights, or quantities
  • View inventory, WIP, and future raw material and packaging requirements
  • Production Status and Materials Requirement reporting
  • Production Register shows details of what was made, yields, costs compared to standards
  • Production Testing Module
  • Production History reporting

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