Data Capture

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Wireless - Fast, Accurate, and Reduces Labor

The Data Capture module integrates industrial wireless hand held devices and Scale labeling stations together to facilitate the recording of receiving inventory, consuming raw material products in production, producing products, filling orders, locating products in the warehouse, and taking a physical inventory, etc.

As we think about what sets us apart from our competitors, many things come to mind -- but the Data Capture module presents itself first. Aspen Systems has been the proven guide for its customers into the world of paperless and wireless communications through Radio Frequency (RF) devices. Currently, a high percentage of Aspen’s customer base incorporates our RF answer into their questions of how to improve speed, accuracy and cost.

The training time and introduction of new personnel into your particular way of doing business can be slashed by as much as 80% when RF is used. Your cost of correcting errors can be drastically reduced as well, since little (if any) manual input is done by the operator.


  • Set up lines to include scales, scanners, and material handlers
  • Set up unlimited label formats for products
  • Print case, pallet, pack, and multi case labels
  • Inquire line data such as product detail, product totals, date/time stamp, and transaction type
  • Label re-print function for damaged labels
  • Generate manual labels as needed
  • Print and re-print pallet labels
  • Cross reference your vendor’s products with your own products
  • Testing functions for scales, scanners, and switches to verify that these devices are functioning properly

Optional Modules

Data Capture

Data Capture


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