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Monitor the Heartbeat of your Company

Pulse dashboards present a graphic display of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on your desktop. Up-to-the-minute access of vital company data enables you to quickly analyze and react to changing business conditions. Monitor performance company-wide or narrow your focus to a business unit or even a single process. Leverage your decision-making ability with real-time data that is instantaneously accessible in a visual intuitive snapshot.

What information is critical to you? Financial, inventory, warehousing, sales, production? You name it - it's all available to you because all data residing within the Canopy database is accessible. No data is off limits!!

Because Pulse is fully integrated with Canopy, there is no need for cumbersome periodic data uploads and no worries about stale information. Plus there are no costly third-party packages to maintain!


  • Full integration with Canopy data
  • Cost efficient, easy to use and maintain 
  • Executive snapshot of critical information on one screen
  • Immediate results eliminate searching through lengthy reports
  • Create unlimited dashboards including gauges, graphics, pie charts and lists
  • User-defined controls include color schemes, labels and legends, control lines, refresh rates, minimum and maximum values
  • User-definable placement of the dashboard 
  • Zoom and drill down into source data
  • Advanced security features keep your sensitive data protected
  • Easy to print or export dashboard items
  • Presentations are enhanced with Pulse graphics
  • Easy to build your own dashboards by using the Copy, Edit, Share, Import and Export functions

Enhanced Modules

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