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Get a Handle on Future Product Demands

The need for a good understanding of future product demand is critical in the industry today. Too much product and you are faced with the decision on what to do with it; too little product and you are missing sales revenue. Product Demand is either in the process of increasing or decreasing, but the one thing that is always constant is that future demand is always changing.

This is where an easy-to-use forecasting module can bring great benefits by giving you the ability to create a forecast that can be used within multiple areas of your company. You can quickly create a forecast based on percentage increases or decreases over past sales. Modify a forecast by adding additional product demand or even future customer specific requirements that have yet to be recorded.

Use the data in your Canopy database to create the needed demand requirements for purchasing and production scheduling. No costly interfaces to third-party software packages. No exporting of data to spreadsheets to create a forecast. Accurately forecast future demand within minutes.


  • Create as many forecasts as needed for different demand scenarios
  • Create forecasts on date ranges, days, weeks, months, years, fiscal periods, or prior forecasts
  • Forecasts can be based on sales history, sales orders, manual entry or a combination of these
  • Forecasts can created in pounds, cases, kilograms, or any other unit of measure
  • Use percent increases or decreases to create new forecast
  • Copy forecasts
  • View forecast product detail at the customer level
  • Edit the product detail at the customer level
  • View sales history for user defined ranges
  • View open order history for user defined ranges
  • View product summary
  • Edit product summary quantity
  • Use forecasts for purchasing or production scheduling

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