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Stay on Top of Critical Events

Have you ever started your work day only to discover that something important happened but nobody notified you? Event Watch is a Canopy enhanced module that allows work flow management to be event driven, creating notifications to be sent to individuals or groups automatically.

Unlimited Events can be setup and monitored in Canopy. If an Event occurs, doesn’t happen, or falls outside of a desired range, a notification is automatically sent through Canopy by email, fax, printing a report, or cell phone text message to one or more individuals. A complete history of all notifications sent is kept, and can be reported on by Event, notification, and date.

The various events for personnel to receive notifications on are as broad as the individual job duties within your Company. With Event Watch, you’ll never be left in the dark again.


  • Unlimited Events can be setup and monitored in Canopy
  • Events can be scheduled at any time interval
  • Events can be sent by fax, email, text message, or printed report
  • Events can be sent to an individual or a group
  • Emailed events can contain links that will open related Canopy screens
  • A complete history of all notifications sent is kept and can be reported on

Alerts & Notification Examples

  • Notify the Credit Manager when an order goes on hold
  • Notify Salesperson when a Customer places an order
  • Send Customers Order Confirmations when an order is placed
  • Alert Buyer if a purchase order does not arrive on time
  • Warn Controller if a bank balance falls below a certain level
  • Notify Inventory Manager if product inventory falls below a critical level
  • Notify Salesperson if a customer’s account is past due
  • Alert QA Manager when a lot goes on hold
  • Warn Inventory Manager if a product is about to expire

What do Canopy users say about Event Watch?

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