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Continuously Track Sensor Devices

Logging critical data that may affect the quality of your products is a constant challenge. Regulatory agencies require evidence that elements like temperature and humidity are being tracked and recorded.

Element is a Canopy enhanced module designed to log data, such as temperature and humidity, in critical areas like freezers, coolers and warehouses using external sensor devices. With Element, critical reads of a device are an automated process. Measurements are continuously tracked and data is automatically logged and available for reporting.

Element will help you meet regulatory and/or custom regulations requiring proof that certain criteria has been met in the handling or storing of your product. History reports are easily generated and can be emailed, printed or faxed.


  • Track temperature and / or humidity
  • Track unlimited number of external sensor devices
  • User defined tracking time intervals
  • Complete history of all log events
  • Real Time reporting using Canopy reporting tools
  • Easy to setup devices
  • Save labor by allowing the system to track your devices

Useful Examples

  • Protect your controlled environments that are subject to audit.
  • Log temperatures within your freezer, coolers, and warehouse.
  • Meet regulatory requirements by providing a history of compliance.
  • Protect and prolong product shelf life.
  • Meet custom requirements to prove that products are stored under certain conditions.

Enhanced Modules

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