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Customer Online Ordering  

In today’s world, online sales are changing the way companies do business. Customers come from a variety of sources. Some are established customers who have an account with your company while others wish to purchase products but are not current account holders. Having an online sales presence is vital for maximizing your company’s sales. Expand your sales efforts by using Canopy’s eCommerce module, a fully integrated web and mobile-optimized application for Business transactions.

Business to Business
With Canopy’s eCommerce module, you can review order history, print invoices, view current price lists and statements using a web browser. All major web browsers are compatible. eCommerce is directly connected to Canopy with real-time communication and current information. Self-service ordering has never been easier.

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  • Online sales to existing business Customers (B2B)
  • Provide customers with access to your services from the Internet at any time of the day
  • High security restricts customers from unauthorized data
  • Realize cost savings by allowing your customers to place their own orders
  • Maintain a cut-off time for placing orders to guarantee next day delivery
  • Restrict certain products and categories of products from being ordered
  • Enable customers to access account inqury
  • View order history
  • View product pricing
  • View A/R account balances
  • Allow customers to make payments to their account
  • Customers can view their scanned documents stored within the system
  • Add your own product pictures to the order guide
  • Customers can setup their own custom order guides

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