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Customer & Prospect Relationship Management

Canopy’s CRM module tracks all interactions with prospects and customers and offers a full suite of marketing, prospecting, and customer service capabilities. Build relationships with your prospects and customers. Improve your customer service. Track the total number of sales calls each salesperson makes.

Salespersons can maintain their own calendars with daily, weekly and monthly task views. Customer service representatives can record customer suggestions, complaints, returns, and many other interactions.

Canopy’s CRM module comes with a full suite of standard reports, including the Prospect Report, which allows each salesperson to print their prospects. The Salesperson Performance Repost will compute the total number of sales calls each salesperson makes over the specified date range.


  • Create and schedule appointments and meetings
  • Track prospect interactions made by salespersons
  • Manage requests made by customers
  • Built-in calendar and task lists
  • Automatically date and time-stamp notes and events
  • View daily, weekly, and monthly events
  • Salesperson performance reporting
  • Customize task priorities by color
  • Fully customizable screens with field security by user
  • Multiple language capability
  • Phone / Tablet / Web interface

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