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Driver Tracking, Digital Signature Capture, & More

Streamline your delivery operations and get timely delivery status information, reduce printing and track your deliveries’ progress and location as they are happening.

CoPilot's dashboard offers a consolidated view so managers can track the progress of their drivers throughout their routes by displaying location history on a map. Record arrival and departure times of each stop and track a history of the device based on location logging.

CoPilot gives you the ability to use Internet-enabled Android mobile devices. Drivers can download a route, view the order and line items of the order, view catch weights and lot numbers, record any changes for the order, along with any money collected, and capture the customer’s signature at the time of delivery. Ability to automatically email the invoice to the customer after the signature.

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  • Track drivers' progress throughout their routes
  • Display location history on a map
  • Verifiable record of arrival and departure times
  • View driver’s most recent logged location and time
  • Uses Internet-enabled Android mobile devices
  • Works when connected to the internet or off-line
  • Download routes with view of each order
  • View line item details like catch weights and lot numbers for each item
  • View special instructions for each order
  • Capture driver notes for each order
  • Capture the customer’s signature for the order
  • Email a copy of the delivered order to the customer

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