Canopy Enhanced Modules

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Dynamic Additions

Canopy’s Enhanced Modules complement the Core modules with dynamic features to help you stay on top of what is happening within your operation and to help control critical areas. Each of these modules can be added as you have need.

Pulse and Event Watch are powerful tools for real-time tracking within your company. Use Pulse to create dashboards and monitor any data that is critical to you in a graphical desktop display. Event Watch keeps you informed when you are not at your desk by sending notifications via email, text, fax or even sending a report of KPIs critical to your operation. You can even use Element to tie on temperature monitoring devices and log them into Canopy’s database.

Document Imaging enables you to manage digital images of your key documents whether they are related to transactions, customer, product, or vendor. No more lost time spent filing or searching for the document you need.

CoPilot will streamline your delivery operations and give you timely delivery status information, reduce printing and track your deliveries’ progress and location as they are happening.

CRM provides the sales tools your sales people need to track interactions they have with prospects and customers. eCommerce is a fully integrated web and mobile-optimized application for orders, payments and customer account information.

Forecasting is useful for both purchasing and production planning. Many companies need to modify the future demand by a percentage or an actual amount before the purchase order or production schedule is finalized.

Canopy Enhanced Modules include:

  • Pulse (Dashboards)
  • Event Watch (Notifications)
  • Document Imaging
  • CoPilot (Mobile Route Delivery Support)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • eCommerce (Mobile-Optimized B2B Order Entry, Payments, and Account Information)
  • Element (Temperature, Humidity and Other Device Monitoring)
  • Forecasting

Enhanced Modules

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