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Pull It All Together With Purchasing

Canopy’s Purchasing module allows easy entry of purchase orders either manually or automatically. You can keep purchasing history for as long as you wish.

Use Purchase Order Entry or the Purchase Advice Report to create a purchase order. Available product information includes current inventory levels for each product, current customer demand, previous sales history, reorder quantity, critical quantity, packed by, brand, last cost, market cost, last three order quantities, units of measure, and dates that each product was purchased. An Order Guide can be maintained for each vendor and used to quickly create a purchase order.

Assign products to your Purchasing Agents and control their purchasing with the Purchase Order Approval options. Purchase orders can be printed, faxed, emailed, or sent electronically using our optional EDI module.

Use Purchase Order Charges such as freight, fuel surcharges, and inspection fees to add miscellaneous costs onto a purchase order. These costs are then allocated against the products on the purchase order to maintain a true landed cost. Use vendor promotions and rebates to take advantage of and track vendor deals.


  • Create purchase orders automatically or manually
  • Create Vendor Order Guides for products you routinely purchase
  • Use re-order codes to set a relationship between your product code and the vendor’s code
  • Maintain vendor messages and comments for use in purchasing
  • Set parameters on vendors such as minimum order, lead time, cycle time
  • Purchase products using a variety of units of measure
  • Supports foreign currency and exchange rates for international purchases
  • Setup miscellaneous Purchase Order Charges for freight, inspection fees, delivery, etc.
  • Automatically allocate Purchase Order Charges against the product cost at receipt
  • Reserve a purchase order against one or more customer orders
  • Use vendor promotions to track promotions, rebates, vendor deals, etc.
  • Setup unlimited vendor contacts for faxing and emailing Purchase Orders
  • Print a wide variety of buying and purchasing reports
  • Schedule Purchase Orders to be received in your warehouse by date and time

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