Order Entry and Invoicing

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Comprehensive, Flexible and Intuitive Ordering and Invoicing

Whether your business employs inside, outside, or remote salespersons to take orders, Canopy’s Order Entry and Invoicing functions are the solution for you. Canopy also has an optional EDI module to map purchase orders sent electronically from a customer directly into Canopy’s Order Entry module. Invoices can be converted to an EDI format and sent back to the customer at invoicing time.

Canopy’s pricing module has a multitude of ways to handle pricing and you can create as many customer product prices as you need. Create a product price by using its cost and mark it up by a percentage, dollar amount or both at the same time and use quantity breaks within the pricing matrix. Price a product by multiple units of measure all at the same time or allow for upcharges for broken case sales. Pricing overrides include the use of special pricing and contract pricing by date range. Track customer promotions, discounts, and rebates by date range.

Order Entry performs credit checks and will automatically put an order on hold if the customer is outside the terms or over the credit limit. Setup a minimum order dollar amount, gross profit dollar, or weight that must be met before an order can be saved. Order guides and recurring orders are available for customers. Define push products for items that are on sale. Customize the Order Entry screens by user to show what information is important to see.

Print invoices, shipping manifests, bills of lading, weight sheets, route manifests, driver delivery logs, and fill rate reports.

Compute salesperson and broker commissions based on percent of sales, gross profit, gross profit percent, dollars per case, cents per pound, or cents per kilogram. Compute commissions only on paid invoices.

Canopy is rich in sales reporting. Print customer and product sales reports by customer, salesperson, class, product, or category, in detail or summary format, by date range or fiscal period.


  • Order Tracking generates a list of customers to call each day
  • Create unlimited customer product prices including specials and contract prices
  • Create promotions and discounts using date ranges
  • Create and manage customer price quotes
  • Setup unlimited customer contacts for faxing and emailing of price lists, order confirmations, statements, etc.
  • Use Customer Order Guides to reduce order entry time
  • Supports foreign currency and exchange rates for international sales
  • Setup automatic miscellaneous order add-on charges
  • Print a wide variety of profitability reports by date ranges, in summary or detail
  • Manage product shorts on one easy to use screen
  • Optional EDI interface is available to receive purchase orders electronically
  • Real Time Routing allows for route reassignment
  • Calculate salesperson and broker commissions and customer rebates
  • Reserve products to be purchased by certain customers only
  • Many reports for sales, gross profit, product movement, exception reports, etc.

Canopy Core System

Order Entry & Invoicing

Order Entry-Invoicing


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