Inventory Control

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Canopy’s Inventory Control Pays You Back

Canopy Inventory Control module allows you to perform all of your inventory and warehouse functions, including receiving, warehouse slotting, adjustments to your inventory with reason codes, physical inventory, cycle counting and transfer inventory from one warehouse to another warehouse.

Supporting codes are also maintained and include unlimited units of measure, warehouse classification codes, slotting locations, brand codes, lot hold codes, tare codes, nutrition fact codes, and allergens.

Track inventory for finished, raw material, packaging, and by-products. Track inventory by lot or serial numbers for full traceability of the product. Multiple recall reports exist for tracking products from receipt to sale or from sale back to receipt. Track inventory of each product by two units of measure at the same time and setup buying and selling units of measure. Canopy tracks the inventory for both catch weight and even weight products.

Create and use as many different product costs and cost formulas as you wish. You can easily store multiple pictures and product specification sheets for each product within the product file. Setup unlimited product notes, ingredients, product substitutes, and maintain the inventory for those products that are cut or made from another product. Make use of a large number of standard inventory reports designed for the food industry.


  • Perform all warehousing functions, including receiving, physical inventory, warehouse transfer, slotting and inventory adjustments
  • Easily maintain and inquire on all products
  • Track inventory by two units of measure per product at the same time
  • Supports inventory for both catch weight and even weight products
  • Order, sell, and price a product using an unlimited number of units of measure
  • Unlimited date driven cost and cost calculations
  • Track product inventory by serialized lots for recall purposes
  • Easily manage your inventory across multiple warehouses
  • Automatically convert foreign currency costs to your default cost during the receiving process
  • User defined custom fields can be setup by the user

Canopy Core System

Inventory Control

Inventory Control
Inventory Control


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