General Ledger

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General Ledger and Financial Reporting  

Canopy’s General Ledger module allows account types, the chart of accounts, fiscal periods, budgets, and non-financial data types to be defined. All of Canopy’s modules can post directly to the General Ledger. Detail history can be kept for an unlimited number of years.

Maintain the General Ledger chart of accounts and inquire for any current, future, or historical period. Run multiple companies with intercompany payables, create divisions or departments. Combine companies together for consolidated reporting. Set up simple or complex budget parameters. Automatically allocate a source account to many destination accounts based on percentage parameters. Set up recurring and automatic reversing entries. Make manual journal entries or import journal entries from another source. Postings to accounts with divisions automatically roll up to a master account. Print a variety of standard General Ledger Reports. Automatic closing entries are made when the fiscal year is closed.

Use Canopy’s Financial Report Writer to create as many financial reports as you need, such as Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements, and General Reports. Calculate percentages and variances plus choose your own fonts and font colors. All reports created with the Financial Report Writer allow drill down into the data.


  • All Canopy Modules post directly to the General Ledger
  • Setup Multiple companies, divisions, or departments
  • Specify the starting and ending dates for each accounting period
  • General Ledger account inquiry includes a drill down into the transaction data
  • Print a variety of standard reports
  • Use the Financial Report Writer to create your own financial reports
  • Make General Journal entries including future postings and automatic reversals or import from outside sources
  • Sophisticated Budget maintenance including automatic budget generation, budget import, etc.
  • Setup automatic allocations of an account’s ending balance to post to designated accounts
  • Keep detail transactions for as long as you wish


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