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Easy Access to Your Data

Aspen View is a dynamic tool that is simplistic enough to get you the basic queries you need right away, but also support complex data extractions. Often, legacy systems are engineered in a format that makes it difficult, or even impossible to access your data outside the core features provided by the application software. Even newer systems sometimes sit atop an underlying database, which makes access by the end user impossible. In contrast, Canopy’s Aspen View report writer is built right into the core of the product.

Thousands of Aspen Views have been written by Aspen customers to extract desired data, eliminating the cost of custom programming. Additional savings are realized by getting quick information needed to make important decisions on the fly. Aspen View allows data to be extracted from Canopy to the Microsoft Excel format, allowing you to present data as you see fit.

Aspen View can be used to support any function of your business, like Accounting, Sales, Receiving, Inventory and even advanced production analysis. At Aspen Systems, we know that you own your data, and we want you to be able to access it.


  • 100% access to your data
  • Search the full Data Dictionary using sensible-worded terms to help you find fields
  • Use ‘Ask Me’ to build Aspen Views that prompt users to make data selections or enter ranges of data
  • Utilize conditions so that only the data you’re after gets reported
  • Place Aspen Views on the Canopy menu and allow secure restricted access to other users
  • Include external data in your reports
  • Create your own formulas and output the results
  • Output your report to screen, printer, Word, Text, Excel, PDF, Tiff, or HTML formats
  • Dump your data into a raw format into Microsoft Excel
  • Format customized headings, alternation row colors, customer number or date formatting
  • Schedule Aspen Views to automatically run at any time you need
  • Use Aspen View to extract from non-Canopy data sources

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