Accounts Receivable

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A Receivables System You Can Bank On

Canopy’s Accounts Receivable module is simple to use, has an easy to learn interface, is user-friendly, and provides all the flexibility to manage your receivables the way you want, while satisfying the needs of audit control and proper accounting.

Manage your customer accounts and set up an unlimited number of statement types, term codes, credit statuses, and customer classes. Age your receivables weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, or create your own aging types. The Age analysis can be run by a variety of criteria, including delinquent customers, a specific customer class, or by salesperson.

Trigger later charges, if desired, and quickly manage customer credit. Indicate when to place an order or customer on hold based on predefined limits. Print, fax, or email customer statements.

Flexible Cash Receipts function to post cash received via a variety of easy methods. Combine the A/R together for chain customers and enter a payment that affects multiple customers. Make debit or credit adjustments, NSF checks, or post a payment with credit card processing.


  • Inquiry displays customer’s open A/R balance and payment history
  • Customer Billing Groups for “Corporate” chain type billing management
  • Drill down into the data from an invoice to see product detail
  • Supports foreign currency and exchange rates
  • Easy Cash Receipt Entry with a wide variety of entry options
  • Credit card processing
  • Enter unlimited notes for a payment or invoice
  • Unlimited terms, and statement/aging types, and classes
  • Enter miscellaneous charges outside of Order Entry
  • Print, fax, or email statements
  • Process multiple open batches of Cash Receipts at the same time
  • Estimated Cash Flow Analysis reporting

Canopy Core System

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