Accounts Payable

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Accounts Payable Management Made Simple

Canopy’s Accounts Payable module will effectively manager all aspects of your payable and disbursement activities and requirements.

Enter invoices manually or set up recurring invoices for items paid on a normal cycle. When entering an invoice, match the purchase order quantities and costs with the vendor’s invoice. Any discrepancies can be e-mailed to the buyer. Print checks and create a Positive Pay transmittal file to send to you Bank for checks to cash. Create payment entries that were made via Wire Transfer. Pay vendors using ACH to create a file to send directly to the bank. Use a wide variety of check cutting features in Canopy to align with your check paying habits and frequency.

Use fast, on-screen methods of looking up historical data for vendors. Drill deep down into the data to see what invoices a check paid, the PO product detail associated with an invoice, and the General Ledger accounts an invoice was posted to.

Print 1099’s with the option to file them electronically. The Bank Reconciliation module allows you reconcile your Bank Statement with the General Ledger checking account. When voicing a check, the system will automatically re-open the invoices on the check and reverse the entries made to the General Ledger.


  • Bank reconciliation available
  • Support foreign currency and exchange rates
  • Vendor Inquiry to lookup invoices and purchase orders, and to check history
  • Print Vendor Lists, Labels, and Notes
  • Void an type of previously-posted check
  • Three-way matching between the purchase order, invoice, and received product quantities and costs
  • Unlimited terms, aging types, and vendor classes
  • Track expenses by job code
  • Handles recurring invoices such as rents and leases and generates payment at their proper cycle
  • Wide range of Check Entry features
  • Wide variety of Accounts Payable reports

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