Canopy Optional Modules

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Integrated Building Blocks

Canopy’s Production Module enables formula setup for the purpose of tracking your production. This permits insight into standard cost, actual cost, actual yields, and critical yield points within the production cycle as well as traceability of the product. Multiple Finished Products, Work in Process, and By-Products can all be tracked.

Data Capture gives Distributors and Processors the ability to automate their inventory transactions with the use of integrated barcode scanners. Scanners can be used for all areas of the company including receiving, warehousing, usage, physical inventory, inventory adjustments, and filling orders.

Scaling and Labeling allows Processors to tie on scales for weighing and labeling of production products. Full integration means no more cumbersome interfaces to third-party weighing systems.

Canopy Optional Modules include:

  • Production
  • Data Capture
  • Scales & Labeling


Canopy Core System

Optional Modules

Enhanced Modules

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