Aspen Executive Team

Aspen Systems' talented executive team represents a diverse group of visionaries with expertise in the food service IT processing industry. Utilizing their expertise in building food service organizations in conjunction with a proven track record of innovation, technology leadership, and corporate management, Aspen Systems continues to develop proven solutions for high density, high-performance, complete scalability, and quality to help customers address the next set of challenges in their food distribution and processing networks.

gpuype thumb George Puype
Former Chairman of the Board 

George Puype was a co-founder of Aspen Systems. He retired from his position as President/CEO at the end of 2014 and his outstanding shares of the company were purchased and retired as treasury stock in 2015. George continued in his role as Chairman of the Board of Directors Emeritus until his passing in 2020. His vast experience in technology and in the Food Industry has been a great benefit to the company. His pioneering efforts in establishing a vertical software company specifically for the needs of the Food Industry were revolutionary in 1988. His early vision and direction continue as a foundation for the company.  George passed from this life on October 1, 2020.  
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llawrence thumb Lisa Lawrence
President / CEO


Lisa has been employed by Aspen since its inception, and is a co-founder of the company. She is the sole owner of Aspen Systems. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a major in Accounting and graduated with honors from Arizona State University. Upon graduation, she was employed by the CPA firm formerly known as Price Waterhouse. She worked as a CPA in their audit department until she left public accounting to establish Aspen Systems, Inc. with her father, George Puype. As President and CEO of Aspen, she oversees the Financial, Marketing, Development and Operations of the company. Lisa takes a very hands-on approach to running Aspen. She is involved in all major decision making and she makes herself accessible to both customers and employees. She believes that taking care of customers and employees is critical to the continued success of the company. 


aaberle thumb Andrea Aberle
Vice President

Andrea Aberle, daughter of Lisa Lawrence and granddaughter of George Puype, began working at Aspen at the age of fourteen. She joined Aspen full-time as a Graphic Designer in 2006 while she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute in Phoenix. Her education and talent was put to great use as she took on the task of overhauling all of Aspen’s marketing literature and created the Aspen Report. Her design initiatives gave Aspen a modern look which included branding for the new products. She oversaw the move to Aspen's current headquarters and worked with the architect to create the building's interior design. Andrea oversees both the Aspen Executive Conferences and the Aspen Workshops.  Her attention to detail and management oversight has made both of these offerings an overwhelming success with Aspen’s customer base. Andrea also plays a significant role on Aspen’s HR Board.  Her tireless efforts make certain that Aspen employees are being taken care of.


jben2 thumb Justin Ben
Chief Information Officer

Justin joined Aspen Systems in 2000 as a skilled developer; his innovation and talent quickly earned him a promotion to Development Manager and later to Director of Development, overseeing both Development and Quality Assurance. In 2023, Justin was promoted to Chief Information Officer, which involves oversight and input in the future of Aspen’s IT projects. Justin will also contribute to Aspen’s sales efforts, allowing him to stay connected with industry leaders that influence software development. Justin has been a key contributor to Canopy’s design and development. His ability to engineer automated and efficient solutions, coupled with his outstanding communication, management, and interactive skills will be of great benefit to Aspen and its customer base. His commitment to excellence and innovation has allowed Canopy to evolve into the most feature-rich, fully integrated software solution available to the Food Industry today.


tmabley thumb Tim Mabley 
Chief Operating Officer

Tim joined Aspen in 1991 as a skilled programmer/analyst and has held senior staff positions in Development, Client Solutions and Quality Assurance. His career has ranged from programmer/analyst to global development, implementation, and directing service teams focused on the grocery, food processing, and health care industries. Tim is a talented individual, possessing a variety of skill sets and one of the senior designers of Aspen's flagship product, Canopy. Tim has been a key contributor to all elements of Canopy, from design concept to the first go-live, and he continues to provide his valuable experience in ongoing enhancement. Tim was promoted to Director of Operations in 2008, overseeing and directing Implementation, Client Solutions, and Technology Solutions. In 2016, Tim accepted the position of Chief Operating Officer, overseeing the growth, structure, and operation of the company as a whole, while also connecting with our customer base.


bfrauenholtz thumb

Bonny Frauenholtz 
Director of Product Design

Bonny joined Aspen Systems as a Quality Assurance Analyst in 2004. Bonny graduated from University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting and practiced as a CPA in public accounting. She also worked for an animal feed manufacturer, and a large pork processor prior to her employment at Aspen. Bonny thrives on challenges and was promoted to the role of Quality Assurance Manager not long after she joined Aspen. In this position, Bonny played a significant role of overseeing software testing and in guiding development. Her working experience in the food industry provides an intuitive understanding of customer requirements.  Bonny’s expertise in accounting has also made her a seasoned consultant on high-level accounting issues. Because Bonny is one of the most knowledgeable people regarding Canopy and its functionality, and because of the rapid pace that the software continues to  evolve,  it became apparent that Bonny’s talents would be best focused primarily on new product design. As Director of Product Design, Bonny continues to share her talents and guidance with both Aspen customers and Aspen employees, ensuring that Canopy remains the most advanced ERP solution designed specifically for the Food Industry.


mheydens thumb

Misty Heydens 
Director of Implementation

Misty joined Aspen as a Senior Implementation Specialist in 2005.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a minor in Computer Science from Old Dominion University. Her previous work experience as an accountant and working at an aerospace software company are put to good use in Aspen’s Implementation Department. In her role, Misty is responsible for and directs all aspects of the Implementation and Business Analyst efforts. Misty thrives in a challenging environment and has proven her adeptness while handling complicated installations, including multiple companies and multiple modules being brought live at the same time. She does a remarkable job of planning and carrying out installations customized to meet each customer’s unique operations.  Misty handles each case with a calm and intelligent direction. She has superb organizational skills and her methodical and professional approach to implementation has won her many successes. 


tmitchell thumb

Tony Mitchell  
Director of Development

Tony joined Aspen in 2017 as a seasoned developer with excellent management skills. This led to a promotion to Development Manager where he focused his skills on building a strong, innovative development team. Tony refined processes and procedures, from specification writing to peer reviews and automated testing, ensuring that future Canopy releases are reliable and include features designed by industry leaders and Aspen’s innovation team, allowing Aspen to continue to revolutionize software solutions for the Food Industry. Tony will bring this experience to further enhance design and quality assurance protocols as he oversees both Development and Quality Assurance for the Canopy software. Under Tony’s leadership, Canopy will continue to evolve, taking advantage of advanced software development tools and latest technologies.


mreese thumb

Mickey Reese   
Director of Solutions

Mickey joined Aspen Systems in 1997 as a Senior Implementation Specialist.  Mickey has great in-depth knowledge of Canopy and insider knowledge of the food industry. He got his start at a Further Processing Meat plant, where he did everything from drive delivery trucks to Accounting, Steak Cutting and Sales. He possesses tremendous management, communication and interactive skills. Mickey is a true team player. He goes the extra mile for both his co-workers and his customers. He is the first person to volunteer his assistance for particularly challenging assignments. Mickey’s down to earth approach gets the job done; he leads by example and his team is the best in the industry. In his role, Mickey is responsible for and directs all aspects of Technology Solutions, which is Aspen’s hardware support department as well as Client Solutions, the team which delivers support and training to all live Canopy customers.


jreynolds thumb John Reynolds
Director of Sales

John joined Aspen as a sales representative in 1994. Before coming to Aspen he spent 19 years with a food distribution and processing company. He has worked in many areas of the food industry including shipping, warehousing and production. He was an experienced route salesperson and also spent time as an inside salesperson. Most of his 19 years were spent selling to retail grocery chains, food processing and food service companies. John’s vast experience in the food industry provides him with a direct understanding of the needs of Aspen’s customers. This has translated into many intuitive additions to the Canopy product to better meet the unique requirements of the food industry. John's many years with Aspen incorporate computer systems’ expertise from both a software and hardware perspective. In his current position as Director of Sales, John’s comprehensive experience has translated into an optimum formula for guiding sales and marketing efforts to best meet the individual needs of Aspen's customers.


Aspen Systems develops enterprise software solutions for food processors and distributors.

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