Food Industry Associations

The American Association of Meat Processors is North America's largest meat trade organization.
The California League of Food Processors represents the business interests of California's dynamic food processing industry.
Food Northwest (formerly the Northwest Food Processors Association) represents the interests of food processors in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.
The Meat Institute (formerly the "North American Meat Institute" / NAMI) represents the full community of people and companies who make the majority of beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, and veal American famlies rely on every day. Aspen Systems is proud to serve a broad range of customers across the Meat Institute / NAMI membership.
NPFDA's Mission Statement: “To promote the Poultry and Food Distributors, Processors, and Allied industries by bringing them together and providing a forum to foster long term business relationships."
The Southeastern Meat Association is an organization of persons, firms or corporations who are meat and/or poultry packers, processors or distributors, and firms furnishing services or supplies to the packers, processors and distributors. Member companies represent the top meat producers and suppliers in the Southeast.

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