About Aspen Systems

Aspen Systems was established in 1988 with a goal to provide software and technology solutions for Wholesale Food Distributors, Processors, Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters, and Traders. The needs of the Food Industry are unique, such as perishable inventory, sophisticated ordering, highly negotiated pricing, cost analysis, and government regulations regarding labeling, inventory tracking, and recall. For over 30 years, Aspen has been addressing these needs along with so much more.

Canopy, Aspen’s Windows-based ERP software solution, is the result of decades of development influenced by food industry leaders. What makes Aspen Systems unique is the company, products, and services have all grown organically. Canopy is the most comprehensive, fully integrated software solution available to the Food Industry, designed and supported by the same company since inception.

6930 chauncey sml Also unique to Aspen is the level of expertise of the complete Aspen Team. Our sales team has designed hundreds of solutions for companies over decades of time. The collective knowledge of this team with regard to how Food Companies operate is unparalleled in this market. Their knowledge is comprised of first-hand work experience in the trade, along with the benefits of learning from top companies that excel in their field. This allows Aspen to provide a high level of consultation with complete understanding of the ins and outs of the industry.

Our Development Team provides a solution that is also a unique offering. All customers take advantage of the years of development that have been poured into the software as design concepts are shared equally among the customer base. All modules are fully integrated into Canopy, ensuring the reliability and timeliness of data. All design work is thoroughly tested by Aspen’s highly skilled Quality Assurance department. The end result is software that truly provides the full solution for accounting, inventory control, warehouse management, production, scaling, labeling and more. Even the bells and whistles such as dashboards, document storage and retrieval, event notifications, customer relationship management, temperature monitoring, forecasting, eCommerce, etc. were all developed by the same company with all the benefits of full integration. No other company in the industry can make this claim.

Our Implementation and Client Solutions departments are also staffed by experts in the food industry. Many of the members of this team have worked first-hand within the food industry, while others have spent years managing software installations specifically for the food industry. The knowledge and expertise of these departments ensure a successful implementation of software along with top notch support of the software. There won’t be a learning curve with Aspen. We understand your terminology and your needs because all we have ever focused on and specialized in is the food industry.

Our Technology Solutions department has always been on the forefront of the latest technology advancements. These have been incorporated into our offerings. We adopted wireless solutions when this technology was in its infancy. Our industrial scaling, labeling, and scanning solutions are the backbone of our reputation. Again, all of this is fully integrated with Canopy – no need to utilize and support multiple systems. Our team will visit your facility to learn your specific requirements in order to design the solution to best meet your needs. We have years of experience working closely with our customers, solving some of their most complicated requests.

There is no other provider aimed specifically at the Food Industry that can offer as much product or experience in providing solutions as Aspen Systems. Our early entry into this vertical market, our vision of providing one fully integrated system that could be shared by all, and our experienced team that truly knows the food industry sets us apart from our competitors. This is why Food Companies have been placing their confidence in Aspen and remain loyal customers through the years.

Aspen Systems develops enterprise software solutions for food processors and distributors.

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