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One Solution

All Canopy software modules have the same look and feel. Most importantly, they seamlessly pass data to one another without the problematic issues associated with interfacing different software packages from various vendors. Canopy’s full integration means that no batch files have to be processed from one module to another, no lost data, no waiting on data to be updated and no rewriting of software interfaces when upgrades are being applied. Canopy is truly “One Solution” which means real time data you can trust, regardless of which modules you are using.


One Team

A system is only as good as the company standing behind it. The Aspen team stands ready with integrated customer-focused departments. Our Technology Solutions team can provide the hardware and support for a company of any size. Implementation Specialists are available to guide you through the implementation of a new system or simply the addition of a new software module to your organization. Our Client Solutions team is available to answer everyday questions via telephone or web support. Aspen’s Development team is continually working on future enhancements and customer requests. One team with one focus on you, The Customer.


One Call

Many software vendors support only a fraction of the total system. Hardware and software support is often outsourced to multiple vendors creating support headaches and confusion. Third-party bolt-on solutions for scaling and labeling add another layer of complex support challenges. Aspen Systems’ integrated approach allows “One Call” for support on any part of the system - whether it be software, hardware, scaling and labeling systems, barcode printers, wireless networks, RF scanners, etc. With Aspen Systems, there truly is “One Call” for all of your support needs.


Aspen Systems is the One Technology Choice for the Food Industry

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Aspen Systems develops enterprise software solutions for food processors and distributors.

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